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“The guys at Time Agency really know their stuff. Our conversion rate went from 2% to 8% in 1 month - 4x my revenue with the same ad spend!”


Founder, Moon Phase Studios

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Transform your business with EQ

Emotion drives behaviour

The most important thing in growing your business is not an AI app or jumping on the latest social media platform - it’s knowing how you make your customer feel. 

Knowing your customer's needs and how to meet them, is the beating heart of product-market fit and scalable growth.

The missing piece of the puzzle…

Before rushing to try the latest marketing tactics to solve your marketing problems, you need data - rich, deep data on who your customers are, how they feel and a plan for how to help them better than anyone else. 

Get the data you need to make great decisions

At Time we've created the Empathy Blueprint™ - a unique emotional intelligence (EQ) framework to help you know your customers at a deep, deep level and diagnose the root cause of their needs.

Through interviews, focus groups, surveys and analytics we map the inner world and user journey of your customers so that you can serve them better than any of your competitors.

The result? 

Clearer opportunities, deeper connections and solid strategies to tackle any challenge.

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Our Services

CRO Design

Let us implement proven design elements that will increase your conversions.

Meta & Google Ads

Create scroll-stopping ads with copy and creative that resonate at a deep, deep level.

Landing Pages

Get more leads and sales with highly converting landing pages.

Shopify Stores

Get a store built for conversions, tailor made for your customers.

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Our mission is to help purpose driven brands to bring about a better world.

We solve problems and create opportunities for purpose driven brands like yours to thrive.

If you are:

  • Planning to launch new products or enter new markets and have no real evidence of who your customers are

  • Needing to make decisions that could cost you hundreds of thousands or even millions if you get them wrong

  • Looking to do something new, different, thought-provoking and innovative

  • Wanting to scale your business but you’ve outgrown the assumptions that got you this far

Rated by Founders & Marketers

What People Are Saying

“We worked with Time Agency to launch our new brand and I’m so glad we did - great communication and transparency.

They made us feel as if we were their only client and went through all our plans and numbers before saying they could help us, which was really refreshing.”

Kate Wright

Marketing Manager, Soma

“Use the Time Agency Empathy Blueprint to get to know your customers better than they know themselves [and] develop deep connections the moment they hit your store, sending your conversions sky-high.

You may not realise it yet - but this is THE Facebook Ad strategy for 2022.”

Chloe Thomas

Podcast, Ecommerce Masterplan

“The guys at Time Agency really know their stuff. Our conversion rate went from 2% to 8% in 1 month - 4x my revenue with the same ad spend!”

Hayley Jones

Founder, Moon Phase Studios

The results of their work are telling. After only 6 weeks of the new web shop going live, we surpassed the cumulative sales of the prior 3 months by over €3k. Moreover, our conversion rate increased from 1.94 to 4.07% and over 300 new members joined our community.

Maarten Vande Weijer

Follow This

Project one

Transforming Menstrual Health

1 in 10 women suffer with endometriosis - a painful disease affecting the womb and surrounding tissues. However, many women with endo report being undiagnosed for years and under served by GPs who haven’t been trained to help them.

By collaborating with the Endo community in the UK, Soma are disrupting the traditional menstrual health industry through DTC ecommerce. Utilising cannabis and botanical extracts, Soma have created an all natural balm that alleviates pain and inflammation for countless women who have for too long been overlooked.

Project two

Reconnecting With Nature

Moon Phase Studios blew up in the USA and UK in 2021 with their beautiful Moon Calendars, seeing massive growth in an incredibly short period of time.

At the heart of their work is a reconnection with nature through observing natural cycles, living with intent and engaging in critical reflection. We built their store, ran their ads and took their  conversion rate from 2% to 8% just in time for the Christmas rush.

Project three

Taking on Big Oil

Oil companies only listen to their shareholders - that’s why we’re working with Follow This to build a highly-converting online platform to sell shares in Shell and other oil majors to grow support for Follow This’ Paris-aligned shareholder resolutions.

The resolutions demand that oil majors reduce their emissions in line with the Paris agreement, which for Shell would mean a 45% reduction in CO2 emissions (inc. Scope 3) by 2030. Every increase in conversion rate means more support for their resolution, bringing us one step closer to leaving fossil fuels where they belong - in the ground.

About Us

We’re Becky, Rob & Craig.

We love using our 30 years of research, marketing, web design and ecommerce experience to help people make a real difference in the world.

Because we run our own online stores, have worked for international non-profits, provided digital marketing for global brands and carried out research at world-class Universities, we have a very real and useful insight into the work of our clients and the mission they are on.

We love working with people like you because more than anything else, we want you to win. This shows in our work and, ultimately, in yours too.

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